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Welcome to NOAHX

For 16 years we have been building e-learning projects for corporate clients. We can take your material and add our proprietary NOAH virtual instructor technology to create a very enagaging online learning experience. NOAH talking avatars are powerful learning agents.

NOTICE. The NOAH technology is no longer being offered for sale as a development tool. NOAHx is now only available as part of the custom design services offered by TelSim Software, its parent company.
Ask us how we can help.

Existing customers can still use the system and purchase Voice-Action files for their projects. Customer service will still be available as well. We're sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

Custom Development. We can take your thoughts, your existing classroom training syllabus, or Articulate, Captivate 4, or PowerPoint files and create a high-quality end-product with our NOAH-enhanced animated avatar. A quick and cost-effective way to get a more robust product.

We provide training development, custom avatar design, voice talent, and script-writing services, too. Look at the examples then ask us how we can help.

Contact us about custom services

NOAH avatars bring the critical element of learner engagement to elearning projects. A virtual instructor can focus attention, point out and explain critical information, and make even the dullest material interesting.


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